Why People Ghost In Relationships

Why people ghost in relationships

Have you asked yourself why people ghost in relationships? Well, in this post we’ll dive deep into ghosting in a relationship.

This has happened to many including me! Ghosting has become a normal trend in these days’ relationships and isn’t ending soon.

Many have already been used to such; it’s not a big deal for them. But why do people do so? Before I answer that, let’s get to know about ghosting.

What is ghosting in a relationship?

Ghosting as from the word ghost means disappearing and cutting off contact with someone. This means that the said partner avoids you and can’t be found unless they want to.

They never respond to calls or texts. You don’t give a reason for disappearing and the other person is left wondering why you left.

It’s a breakup strategy that people use to end relationships. This means that they aren’t ready to sit down and talk about it.

Often used to end short-term relations. You just disappear and hope the other person gets tired of reaching out to you.

Chances are that every day someone ghosts another to avoid confrontation. They assume it’s the best way to end things.

However, that’s not the case; they are running away. They don’t want to be in a confrontation or answer questions they just leave.

What happens when you ghost someone?

Well, this means you cut off someone. You don’t respond to calls, texts, invitations, or even want to see them.

It’s like you are a ghost; you disappear and no one can find you not even your partner’s friends. This means that you avoid anyone affiliated with your ex-partner.

Leaving them in doubt about what they did. You don’t explain why and when you intend to return or never return.

You cease to exist in the other person’s perspective. It’s like they never met you!

Are there good reasons to ghost someone?

Well, ghosting isn’t great but at times it’s necessary. In cases like a short-term relationship and there is no vibe why not ghost?

Sitting down and talking about it will waste time and energy. It will also hurt more unlike when you just leave without saying!

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Before ghosting people look at the big picture, they know why talking won’t help. Personally, I understood why this beautiful woman ghosted me.

We would have spent time and energy trying to mend things up, but wouldn’t have changed that it was a faded attraction.

There will always be a reason why people ghost in relationships. It’s not healthy but at times it’s a way to end things.

Why People Ghost In Relationships

Lost interest

Meeting or chatting with someone brings a new vibe to you. It makes you feel different and with unexplainable energy.

New relationships have so much energy that can’t be explained where it’s from. It drives people to do wonders!

It brings the best in them and shows the other partner how much they care. However, in between something drastic happens.

This alters everything that you have built! The so loving and caring person suddenly vanishes and is nowhere to be found!

This case may happen because they are not vibing with you anymore. Your interests also may not align with theirs.

Breaking up is not an option for them; they just ghost. They don’t say a word or even bother answering your calls or texts.

The timing isn’t right

Time has to do a lot with how people relate. Things can be so perfect today but tomorrow you find out you’ve been ghosted.

Timely situations force people to ghost you. If your partner doesn’t feel that they invested time in the relationship they will just ghost you.

They also may have so much happening in their lives and don’t want you to be part of it. It’s hard explaining to someone how you don’t want them especially if they had a bond with you.

Being with you has triggered something

Sometimes you make it difficult for someone to be with you. Your actions may make them feel unsafe and trigger bad memories.

Such memories may affect them and they withdraw from you. They just leave without saying why and maybe you were just having fun.

It’s hard to explain why people react in a certain way. Not everything is fun to everyone you meet somethings bring up bad memories.

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Be watchful before you decide to do some things!

Some changes have occurred in their lives

It’s a reason why people ghost in relationships. Every day we are facing changes; change is invertible! Changes mean that people change and this may affect your relationship.

Someone may be too good for you and then suddenly some changes occur in your life and boom you are not into them!

It’s sad how today you may have the best memories with them but later end up ghosting them. Chance of school, the scenery may affect your relationship.

A few small changes in life may make you ghost someone. It becomes hard to explain some things to someone else.

They couldn’t see it working out

In the early stages of a relationship, one can know where the relationship is headed. It’s not about the seriousness of the matter but how you handle situations.

Every relationship starts out great but as time goes by this changes. If someone has had their eye open they will know early.

They will not waste time trying to patch things up; they will ghost you. Simply because you would try to fight for the relationship.

They are trying to protect you or themselves

It’s another reason why people ghost in relationships. It’s painful when someone has to end things. So to prevent all that pain and emotional damage they opt for the easy way.

They leave you to fill in the blanks! 

State of the relationship

So many times we have fallen for the wrong person. We don’t let a crush remain that we want it to be more!

When your partner realizes that to them you were a crush they will leave. The reason because there are no genuine feelings.

You’ve won their hearts like a trophy and you can drop them anytime! 

How long is considered ghosting?

When someone close is gone more than 3 days without contact consider yourself ghosted! No one would go to such lengths without an effort to reach out.

Sure things can happen in those three days but don’t mean that your partner shouldn’t reach you. Three days is an appropriate timeframe to wait. 

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Any more than that, and you’re simply not worth your moment or your money. You deserve respect with dignity and as a priority. 

If that person can’t be arsed to make you unique, let them fade away.

What to do when someone ghosts you

Accept and move on

It’s the first step to take when someone chooses to ghost you. Acceptance clears blame and gives you closure.

You become free and moving on also becomes easy. It’s challenging to take this step but once one has taken it all will fall into place.

Don’t contact them

This is the worst mistake you can make when someone has ghosted you. Why try to look for them when they don’t want anything to do with you?

Respect yourself and also stay away. Besides, it will not help with the situation!

Don’t blame yourself

Blame brings uncertainties; you will lack confidence and esteem. The best thing to do is be happy, create memories and move on.

Worrying will cost you peace. It’s not healthy!

Never accept them back

What makes you think they won’t do it again? Ghosting means that they are not ready to be with you else they would have stayed.

Don’t be fooled! Learn to stand your ground.

Forget them and find someone else better

Having someone else great will change your perspective. They will show you how to have fun, you will learn a lot from them.

Besides, doesn’t hurt getting to know more people. 

Wrapping up;

There are many reasons why people ghost in relationships. Ghosting isn’t healthy at all and leaves many questions unanswered.

It’s good to communicate, send that text, email, call; find a way to say why you don’t want to be a part of their lives. 

Such a gesture will give someone closure and peace of mind. Don’t disappear and come back wanting to resume where you left off!

It doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t feel right and I bet too you wouldn’t love when someone does that to you too! 

Don’t ghost, a simple text or call is enough!

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