When Is The Right Time To Be Intimate?

When Is The Right Time To Be Intimate?

It’s one of the toughest things to really know. There are no rules or right answers when it comes to how a person decides they’re ready for intimacy…

There are many factors that come into play when determining the right time to be intimate with someone. While everyone has their own opinion or ideas, you must have yours in order to understand yourself completely.

After all, what is right for one person does not necessarily mean it is also right for another individual. Therefore, there may be a fine line between being intimate too soon and being intimate at the ideal time.

It will offer insight on how to make this decision along with possible consequences that may arise. For some, sex/intimacy should only be between a man and wife. 

For others believe you can have sex with someone you’re not married to. Well, there is the matter of being ready. What many don’t understand readiness isn’t about age, but rather it’s about how you feel.

If you’re not ready-regardless of age-that sex might cause more harm than good. As an adult how you decide to express and experience intimacy with another person is entirely up to you. 

There may not be any ‘right’ answers when it comes to deciding when a person should have sex or become intimate. However, there are definitely memorable moments throughout our lives…

Moments where we were guided by instincts. Those in the heat of the moment, we wouldn’t change later on no matter what anyone said or thought…

Some people may choose not to have any type of sexual encounter until they are married.  There is nothing wrong with that either.

Remember getting intimate is one’s decision and shouldn’t be influenced by anyone. When dating someone who is not ready don’t pressure them.

Let them do it on their terms. Don’t deny them peace and force them into things that they are not ready for. 

How many dates before you sleep together?

Well, the question about dates really doesn’t matter much. Being intimate depends on what you feel towards your partner.

Different people adopt different cultures. There are some who will be intimate on the first date and others after several dates.

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It is about the chemistry and readiness of your partner. Don’t be worried when your partner wants to be intimate on the first date.

Well, communication is key, and if you are not ready be sure to tell them. This intimacy is a relationship breaker especially when partners don’t talk about it.

You need to be emotionally connected. Emotional connection is one of the key elements of any relationship. It is the glue that holds relationships together. 

The stronger the emotional connection, the greater the likelihood of a relationship being successful. Emotional connection involves identifying and understanding your partner’s emotional needs.

It is knowing what makes them feel loved and secure in your relationship. Every partner should know what makes the other feel secure.

Where to go for dates

Dates don’t need to be expensive, a simple walk through the park can be a nice simple date. A walk through the park is one of the more typical dates.

Nature walk through the woods is a good idea but wear appropriate footwear. Buy some snacks and drinks plan the picnic in the woods.

Exploring new areas together can be great. Combine this with an ice cream stop for maximum effect. An alternative would be going on a segway tour of where you live. 

1. Site seeing

This date is adventurous, an unusual attraction like an old factory or a bandstand can just be as good. You can also visit a museum or a game park. Go have fun and enjoy what you love doing. 

Exploring is not just limited to places. You can also date by exploring hobbies like model railroads or taking a cooking class.

You can also combine museum/attraction visits with other attractions like going to a fish spa. Restaurants and coffee shops can be fun, but there is also fun to be had in food markets and cooking classes.

2. Sleepovers

Going on sleepovers with friends is amazing, and again does not have to cost much. You should plan this. Watch movies together, take turns to choose the next one.

Enjoy your time together. Teen movies like Vampire diaries would be great. Dates are all about spending quality time with each other.

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Intimacy isn’t easily explainable. Different people have different moments and different choices. Don’t be in rush and make things worse.

Always be open to talking before things escalate. Also, learn to understand your partner; we are not all the same, and being ready doesn’t just happen.

Do you ever ask yourself what destroys relationships?

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