This Is What Vera Replied When Asked About Ex-boyfriend Otile Brown

Y’all know of Vera and Otile Brown’s relationship back in the day.

Well, it was really all roses until it turned nasty in September of 2018.

That is after an on and off kind of style we are used as Kenyan boyfriends.

Apparently, Otile has asked her then-girlfriend to chip in KES 500K to help him acquire a Mercedez.

Things got ugly.

Vera exposed OB (what she used to call Otile Brown while they were dating) as an underperformer in bed😢.


But that is not even painful.

Juzi, Vera was holding a live Q&A on her Instagram account.

And one of her fans asked her, “Do you still have some feelings for OB sometimes??”

This is what she replied;

“Well, I don’t know what or who OB is but I only have feelings for my hubby.”


Now, am asking you, what is painful;

Is it a nasty breakup with a shit ton of manenos or your EX completely forgetting you ever existed?

I still remember my ex, and I can bet you my phone, she does too.

Let us know in the comments.

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