The Social Media Use: Does It Destroy A Relationship?

The Social Media Use

In this post, we will be looking at the impacts of social media on relationships. This answers the question of whether social media destroys relationships.

Social Media Use

As we all know as the communication evolution progresses, technology progresses too and the growth of social networking continues. Besides, it also connects strangers across the world.

Users have hiked in the previous years and it is easily changing the human relationship. It has a huge influence on society, especially in the 21st century. 

Also, it has enabled people to interact with each other in various and new ways. Besides, it has transformed how we communicate with friends and gather information.

Does social media use destroy relationships?

Social media platforms may not ruin relationships-but can create problems when partners rely on those communication modes as an alternative.

Most spend time on social media and forget that communication is key. They also choose to spend time in their accounts rather than taking a walk or going out with their partners.

It has become an addictive habit that is killing the best relations. It’s making people forget their usefulness and make them obsessed.

 7 Ways social media use ruins personal relationships?

1. Comparing your relationship to others

For a relationship to work, it has to stand on its own without any comparison to others.No relationship is perfect and thus all relationships are different. 

All couples have various ways of communicating, expressing their emotions, and quality time spending. After seeing your friends and colleagues going on dates and extravagant vacations one tends to challenge their relationship.

 However, social media does not outlay the whole story; it’s not an assurance that the couple is happy. Get to know your partner better rather than spending time on your accounts.

2. Less personal interaction

Social media limits personal interaction. The digital tools may have made life easier by bringing us close to one another but have also excessively destroyed our interactions.

At times we sit next to our loved ones and instead of talking to them, we tend to chat with a person who is miles away. Such actions tend to create barriers between couples.

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3. Revisiting of closed chapters

A relationship has to be cherished, taken care of, and considered special. Nonetheless, when one comments on their ex’s post, things tend to change.

Social media ruins relationships by revisiting closed chapters that are long forgotten. In a relationship, one should know when to get out of social media surroundings.

Learn to respect boundaries and keep your relations private. One comment can ruin your best relationship.

4. Creates room for insecurities

Major misunderstandings begin with minor insecurity. Social media destroys relationships since it gives birth to rocky issues. A single comment from someone else can lead to major problems. 

Take an example where your partner is constantly chatting with someone on social media. After some time one may get suspicious of the interaction.

5. Leads to addiction

The major effect of social media platforms is addiction, especially when in a relationship. 

This is because one gradually starts to ignore the surrounding people. A lot of couples often complain of a lack of attention from their partner since they are always busy on their social media platform. If this proceeds for long it can lead to separation.

6. Creates room for temptation

Social media has made it easier to approach people. It has become easier to communicate online with people we could not approach in real life.

 This mitigation has brought the urge to explore more options especially in areas of romance and dating. However, this may lead to cheating because it’s easier to flirt through the safety of your phone.

7. Less interest in each other

Formerly couples enjoyed cuddling while on the sofa or in bed but this has changed. Nowadays couples tend to reach out to their phones instead of having talks or holding one another. 

Rather, before intimacy couples tend to be on their phones instead of indulging themselves in some foreplay. Consequently, this might lead to a lack of satisfaction in bed and a loss of interest in intimacy. 

 According to a survey done one in three divorces are a result of disagreements caused by social media platforms.

50% of people say that social media has negatively impacted their relationships.

 Positive impacts of social media on relationships

  1. Reduces physical distances: long-distance relationships are never easy. For couples who spend a lot of time away from each other can keep in touch and feel close to one another.
  2. Memories: social media allows couples to relive amazing moments for example pictures, check-ins, and videos. This keeps the bond and loves strong.
  3. Staying in touch: allows partners to share and express their feelings when they are far apart.
  4. Bonding: Partners can use social media to share, show interests and hence connect more.
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9 Ways to prevent social media from ruining your relationship

1. Respect each other’s space

Trust is a two-way process. It is important as an individual to respect your partner through social networks and also their privacy. 

Once the discussion is done about your boundary it’s important not to snoop. Give your partner some space and if suspiciousness occurs query them directly and openly instead of spying.

2. Detoxing social media

Deleting social media accounts from your cell phone for some time is healthy. Couples should use this time to reconnect by playing games taking walks and talking about changes they would like to make in their relationships.

Limiting social network usage will save couples a lot. Besides, it gives them time to reconnect and form strong bonds.

3. Setting some solid ground rules

The most important aspect we need is to ensure that social media does not ruin our relationship. This can be achieved by setting solid rules. We are in a generation whereby our relationships are being sent in pitfalls due to social media. 

It is advisable to sit down with your partner and discuss the way forward about social network use. Ask questions and from the answers, you get you can build a framework on how to deal with relationships issues.

4. Avoid comparisons

Avoid comparing your relationship to other relationships online. Every relationship is awesome in its way.

Besides, we are all different; what makes me happy can make you sad. Thus everyone can’t be compared.

5. Avoid stalking

It’s good to follow your partner on social media platforms but then it’s important to give them their space. Like their latest photo and keep going.

Stalking invades one’s security. It makes them uncomfortable; it’s best to move on and leave them happy.

6. Limit time

One should avoid texting people at wee hours and also limit your social network usage to the appropriate times.

Find time to help them instead of just being glued to your screen.

7. Stay away from exes

It’s advisable not to follow people you have dated in the past. Following them may make them think you are still interested in them and your current partner may think that too.

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Best to maintain lanes and do away with them.

8. Avoid sliding into the DMs

Make the conversation business-related if you need to direct message. Maintain transparency and keep conversations open.

Don’t just flirt with everyone; shows how immature you are. 

9.Be careful of the emojis you use.

Always use emojis appropriately. Avoid sending heart emojis to random people. One should beware of their partner’s feelings. Show your love for them on their posts other ways.

Sum up;

Social network use can affect relationships in both a negative and a positive way depending on how people use it. 

Social media platforms are not bad, but comparison ruins their relationship. Therefore destroying those accounts and focusing on their partners saves a relationship.

Social media is not bad after all some meet their partners on social media. It has both the good and the bad. It’s up to you to use it well.

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