The Reasons Why Relationships Are Failing


Every day people are breaking up? Why? So many reasons even some of which are unrealistic. Well, relationships now have become a business.

So long as you ain’t bringing money to the table you are doomed. It has turned from love to money.

It’s said the love of money is root of evil; however we can’t live without it. Money secures important things such as assets.

Unlike the traditional ways when they used to barter trade everything. These days you need money to complete transactions.

So what’s happening to relationships?


Trust is a two-way transaction and once broken can’t be mended. Trust is elemental and most of the time people take it for granted.

It’s easy to trust somebody but once they break it doubts come in. Doubts are the worst mistake.

Doubt brings worry; you will never be able to trust the same person again; try fixing a broken glass…

2. Money

Huh money is everything. From owning personal assets to traveling and everything else.

Well a relationship needs money. To provide for basic needs and the woman’s needs.

I just don’t understand “pesa yangu ni yetu but yake ni yake…” Ata kama man ni effort sometimes it’s too much.

Then I came to learn once your girlfriend borrows you money and you never give her chances are than soon you might be single.

Young kings stay single until you are ready to commit and pay bills. One told me “I can’t date a guy who doesn’t give me money for salon”.

It’s hard out here.

3. Expectations and Assumptions

Expectations break hearts. Simply because you met a guy when he was looking great you thought he’s rich; especially those dating a workmate.

You expect him to spoil you, take you on road trips… stop dreaming and wake up to reality where hustling is universal.

A man feels secure with a lady who knows how to manage money. Someone who thinks about the future not road trips every time.

We also assume someone already feels the same way we feel. This has caused many to take matters into their own hands.

It’s a sad reality. Ask never assume and never expect.

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4. Distance

It’s another contributing factor. Unfaithful partners just text each other “I wish you were here” and go cheat.

It doesn’t pay to sleep around. Stay loyal and if you tired just say it. There is no need to keep one on read.

Distance is supposed to strengthen two hearts. However, as much y’all are distanced make time to meet up.

5. Social Class

Yes, it’s happening the likes of “siwezi date chali hana gari…” Instead of focusing on buying your own you just classifying.

It’s funny how one uses social class when they too don’t fit in. We are quick to judge others but don’t see our mistakes.

Well, relationships are full of struggles. Before committing be ready to be loyal and trusting.

For those who have been hurt before, get to know your partner. Also you can take time to focus on yourself.

Nothing comes easy; fights and struggles are there and it’s up to you to decide whether you will fight for what you love.

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