The Best Healthy Relationship; What You Need

Healthy Relationship

We all deserve to be loved. Love comes in many forms and one can fall in love from the least expected places.

Falling in love is easy but staying in love has challenges. “To-get-her is easy but together isn’t easy.”

Every day we are facing challenges relating to people. Our minds are wired differently and we all have different preferences and tastes.

What defines a relationship?

Not only getting married means you are in a relationship. Being friends with your neighbor is also a relationship.

However, a relationship is defined by commitment, trust, care, love, responsibility, and will to be there for your partner.

It’s the desire to want what is best for your partner, always being there whenever they need you.

It’s the art of appreciating your partner, loving them beside their flaws, letting them, listening, and not judging…

One sentence is not enough to define a relationship. But people in relationships always want what’s best for their partners.

What is a toxic relationship?

It’s a relationship that has negative vibes. This means that your partner doesn’t support you, undermines you, always wants to fight you, doesn’t care about you…

Toxic people feel superior and always want everything to be about them. They don’t care how their partners feel and need.

Well, relationships have fights and challenges; however, toxic relationships don’t fix or try to approach the problems.

People fall into toxic relationships and take time to recover. It’s draining to be in a toxic relationship and it affects your health.

Signs you are in a toxic relationship:

  • Your partner is violent and doesn’t listen.
  • Having an abusive partner
  • Never happy always feeling sad, worried…
  • Always depressed and full of anxiety

There are also others that show you are in a toxic relationship. One however needs to take care and leave a toxic relationship.

The longer you stay in it keeps affecting you:

  • Begin having trust issues
  • Low self-esteem
  • Become stressed
  • Having bad eating habits
  • Health issues.

A relationship is meant to be healthy. It should make partners glow and be more successful. It should also enable them to relate well with others. 

What matters in a healthy relationship


Communication is key. A healthy relationship needs good communication.

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Keeping in touch doesn’t mean you are calling or texting every time; find time to call and check on your partner.

Text duration the day; make time for your partner. Don’t just do it at night… Find a communication balance where you all are comfortable.


Respect means being mindful of your partner. Learning to hear them out, respecting their decisions and choices.

Not persuading them to change things to accommodate you. It also means disagreeing and accepting their decisions without conflict.

Don’t invade their privacy and boundaries. You ain’t entitled to knowing it all; don’t ask for their passwords, go through their phones… A healthy relationship needs filters!

Also, don’t go sharing your private issues with everyone. Be considerate of your partner. 


These are set to make us feel comfortable. It means respecting what your partner feels okay and not okay doing.

They also show how comfortable and how you want to be treated. Here are examples:

  • She’s comfortable with some touching, but not ready to have sex.
  • He’s comfortable kissing and holding hands, but not in public.
  • I’m cool with following each other on social media, but not with sharing passwords.

However, boundaries do change; once you get close to your partner some things seem okay doing them.

Respecting boundaries will keep y’all happy. Make sure to tell your partner about the boundaries you need respected.


It’s a two-way process; mutual, give and receive. If you don’t trust your partner why are you together then?

Trust is the foundation of a relationship without it a relationship may fail. To trust mean being vulnerable; risking it all for love.

It also means you believe your partner has the best intentions for you. It’s putting confidence in someone.

Signs that you don’t trust your partner:

  • You always feel like it’s best to take control and do everything yourself.
  • You secretly watch their social media activity.
  • Always suspicious when one receives a text.
  • You imagine the worst when they don’t answer the phone.

Trust… can be defined in many ways! However, every relationship needs both partners to trust each other.

Relationships are meant to keep people happy. They should keep them close, healthy, and strong.

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A relationship should be bound by love and respect. These days people want power and control.

Thus some are cheating and breaking up. Always respect your partner and have the best intentions.

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