The 5 Stages Of Dating You Didn’t Know Existed.

Dating stages

Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you -Joey Adams.

Dating has been defined in so many words. It’s simply getting close to someone; getting to know them more.

Dating is good, but don’t do it at an expense of someone. Don’t be having fun when indeed they are committed and ready for more than just fun. You can have fun when single

When it comes to dating there is no manual. Different people have different likes and dislike. However, dating has different stages.

1. Attraction

It’s the first stage when two people are attracted to each other for various reasons. In this stage, many can refer to it as the honeymoon.

There is constant communication via different platforms. It may also involve long video and voice calls in times when they aren’t together.

Frequent dates are also common as you get to know each other more. It’s the stage where y’all decide if you want to go to the next level.

2. Reality

It’s the second stage. Here one starts noticing their partner. Get to see their flaws, things that annoy you, and more.

This doesn’t mean the attraction is lost, it’s reality hitting you.  It’s showing you whom you fell for and here you learn to adapt.

You get to learn more about your partner. Get to understand their love language and how they handle different issues that arise.

In this stage, too many couples break up. Some get tired of the traits of the other, insatiable and so many other things. 

Well if you get past this, your relationship has good things in store.

3. Commitment

This is where one shows the desire to be with each other. This means forgoing the flaws and accepting your partner by acknowledging their strengths.

It also means being part of their decisions, dreams, also understanding their needs and want in life. It can be as simple as finding where you want to live.

One has already accepted and decided that their partner is the best for them. They take the notch higher and begin to live as one.

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4. Intimacy

It’s cultivating the love that has been developed from a commitment. This however isn’t just about sex, there is a need for connection beyond superficial.

Sex is important and helps form a bond and so many other things. Intimacy however is having a deeper connection with your partner.

True love is born from a strong bond. It means being vulnerable accepting your flaws and being open to your partner.

It also means having seeing things from their perceptions. Not judging but defending them when need be.

 5. Engagement

It’s the final stage where the love has blossomed. It’s where you decide to pledge your loyalty and undying love to your one and only true love.

Means working together to plan a fruitful future. Well, that doesn’t mean that everything is straightforward… there are ups and downs.

But learning to apologize and forgiving is what makes the relationship last. Love is a beautiful thing that is only best described when felt.

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