Is Moving In With Your Boyfriend Good?

Should You Move In With Your Boyfriend?

Of course, it is. You’re an adult and you can do what you want. If you have enough money to pay your bills, eat, buy clothes and take care of yourself, why not?

Hopefully, it’s not just a ploy to get you into bed because if it is, no one will know but you, and when he eventually breaks up with you for some girl with bigger boobs, faster cars, and a higher paying job will be left alone wondering why he can’t find anyone to love him as much as you did.

It all comes down to the level of trust you two have in each other. A relationship also needs to show commitment.

So why should you move in with your boyfriend?

Well, if you’re still having doubts about cohabiting, here are some reasons why moving in with your partner is a good idea.

Is Moving In With Your Boyfriend Good?

Before making a decision you should have this in mind:

1. Expect the Unexpected

You’ve been living together now and life has never been sweeter. But all that can change when you are not able to pay bills.

So how are you going to find a way to manage your spending and expenses once something unexpected happens?

2. Don’t rush

When you’re about to move in with your guy, examine the reasons why you’re really doing it. Don’t be hasty and don’t do it just because he’s already packing his things.

So if you’re able to have full control of your emotions and you know that you won’t end up regretting such a decision then go ahead. But if not, better think again.

3. Bases of the relationship

Again, if you’re really in love with your guy and know that he loves you too, then there’s nothing to worry about.

But if this is just a temporary infatuation or maybe even a rebound thing and you’re only moving out because of convenience reasons, it would be better to reconsider.

Also bear in mind that the decision mustn’t be taken lightly especially when you have kids. If both of you aren’t ready yet for this big responsibility then again, don’t rush into things and make sure everything will work smoothly before taking this step.

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4. Time for some compromises

Moving out together can be an exciting moment but it also means compromising certain things or accepting each other’s flaws and lifestyle choices.

You might find yourself doing things that you don’t want to but for your partner or accommodating habits of his. Moving out together means accepting and loving the little things in each other. 

It’s hard to say when exactly is the right time to move in together since there are several factors involved like stability and work commitment among others.

If one still has some reservations about this decision it will be better to hold off on everything until both parties feel confident that they are doing something right. 

5. Are you comfortable with each other?

It is a wise decision to make sure that you and your partner are really comfortable with each other. This means having total trust in each other as well as being there for each other whatever the situation might be.

Is moving in together a sign of commitment?

Moving in together isn’t always seen by some as proof of commitment rather than just an excuse to save money.

Of course, this may not always hold true depending on the couple involved but it pays off to do at least some research about this matter. 

The last thing one would want is going into something without knowing for sure if it’s worth trying out… It’s also important to check what most people think about living with someone before making up your mind.

A lot of people don’t mind living together before getting married. Some even go as far as to say they’d rather have a roommate than a spouse at some point in their lives although this is the minority opinion, for obvious reasons.

It might just depend on personal preferences but it’s always best to do some research and see what your average Joe thinks about living with your boyfriend.

Is moving in together good or bad? 

They are plenty of points for and against so let’s check them out: Moving in with someone without being married might be bad because you might lose context.

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You’re used to having your own space when needed but by moving in with someone if you break up, it may feel like everything was lost at once. 

This is something that many married people don’t have to deal with and it’s always good to separate what you own from your partner even if you’re still together. 

You’ll never be comfortable when having sex – there will always be that voice in your head saying “What if someone hears us?” or whatever other reason. 

It may feel like the best time of your life but odds are, at some point you’ll regret it later on unless you really don’t mind living with a stranger for a very long period of time.

You might start to get comfortable – most girls dream about an amazing home-cooked meal after work but why cook it when you can just order take-out instead?

Is Cohabiting with Your Partner is Good for Your Relationship

Sure, it will be better if you do that even if there’s no direct benefit. Well, moving in together has plenty of benefits!

But most importantly, having a stable base that involves sharing the same roof will help strengthen your relationship. 

This can encourage both partners to work on their issues together instead of letting them fester and cause problems later on.

As long as you know how to communicate well and manage your differences successfully, cohabitation is bound to make good things happen between the two of you.

It’s a good way to test the strength of your relationship without actually putting it at risk. Lots of couples can learn to live together under one roof and still be okay with each other. 

You probably won’t understand how this works until you try it for yourself.

That being said…

How Do I Know if He Really Wants Me To Move In?

This is a fine question given that cohabitation puts a lot of pressure on the issue of trust. For instance, as much as we love him, would you ask him why he kept something from you or didn’t trust you enough to tell you about it the first time? 

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Maybe. Maybe not. Well, in my book honesty is always important. If you want to move in with him, you should be able to ask him what his reservations are. 

Still, if he says “none” and that’s the end of it, then take his word for it. No point raising suspicion or testing a relationship needlessly when there isn’t one.

Always know what you want before diving in. Don’t say YOLO… Because there is a lot you are willing to sacrifice. Be sure you are ready.

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