Why Do So Many Youths Look To The Rainbow?


It’s a fact and a reality that things have changed. A man and a woman are to live together as husband and wife. But rainbow has happened!

Colors have changed and the same genders are getting married and raising children. It has become normal in many countries and has become a part of our everyday lives.

Since the youth have embraced it, elders have to live with it. The westerners have a lot to be blamed for, yet, other factors are contributing to this. 

This post will look at 7 factors that contribute to this!

1. Absence of a father figure

Fathers play a huge role in their children’s development. They are supposed to be the guide who helps them find their path.

Without a guide, they get lost and seek out peers who lead them astray. For them, fun is more important than molding oneself.

They face challenges that make it difficult for them to return to their normal lives. They prefer having attachments that help them forget challenges.

 As a child grows they need nourishment from a father figure. They need to learn how to deal with challenges and make great paths.

2. Abuse when a child

Trauma is the leading cause of young people becoming irresponsible, overactive, and rainbow-colored. Unfortunately, one small event can set off all of this.

Whatever a child goes through when young, affects their transition to adulthood. Children are observant and violence impacts their lives negatively.

Every child is entitled to a loving family! Parents’ responsibility is to monitor what their children do around them and know what they go through.

Be on the lookout for negative vibes that will affect them. Provide a suitable growth environment with positive vibes.

3. Breakups and Rejection

Everyone has experienced rejection or heartbreak at one time. It’s different for the youth as they invest so much in a person who ends up breaking them.

They struggle to come to accept reality and this hurt misleads them. To fill the void they find someone who doesn’t stand to lose and especially of the same gender.

Love is a beautiful thing and is for everyone. Rejections and heartbreaks are part of our lives and acceptance make it easy to move on.

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 Never invest happiness in someone else. Be you and know when to quit and most importantly never lose yourself to please someone.

4. Attempting to fit in

There is so much pressure on young people to find their path, a place where they belong! As a result, they’ve tried everything, including becoming a rainbow!

Society, as well as peers and parents, have not made it any easier.  They have challenged their decisions, and ways and have made life hard for them.

It feels like everything is working against them! The desire to be accepted has led them to choose the wrong paths just to feel wanted.

Choose to be different, and don’t struggle to fit in or feel wanted. Engage yourself in personal development where everyone has to adjust and accept you.

5. Social Isolation 

Making friends is easy but having them stand by you is challenging. This is what the youth deal with every day and it affects them.

 It makes them question themselves and in turn, they find alternatives to fill this void. Many turn to narcotics, while others find comfort in sex.

Here they find ways to explore their bodies as they deal with their anxieties and fear of people. These options are even worse though they find peace in them.

Change for them is hard, and so is going out and meeting new people. They prefer hiding in their cocoon where they have control.

Find time and friends who worry about your well-being. Hang out with different people, even the rainbow, share and have fun.

6. Harsh growth environment 

 Children tend to mimic and apply what they see around them. Constant fights and an unhealthy environment affect their livelihood.

The small things that don’t seem to matter to you, it’s a game changer for them. Becoming a rainbow is comfortable from your ways.

There is a thrill in doing things they are not supposed to. The youth have adopted this to be happy and content.

Challenges will always be a part of life. There is no need to act out or involve yourself in risky behaviors, work on yourself first. 

7. Low esteem

Not everyone has a strong heart to confront anything. They occasionally feel crushed, undesired, and in need of love.

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Everyone desires to feel wanted and loved. Many people go above and beyond by pretending to be someone they are not. 

Tragic start when they forget who they are and focus on people’s opinions that encourage youth to grow fragile masculinity.

It doesn’t matter how excellent or horrible you are; people will always judge! It’s best to concentrate on developing yourself and appreciating yourself.

How to help the young people

1. Counseling

A solution can be formulated from a simple talk. Sharing the problem makes it easy to solve and move on with life.

One also gets to learn how to approach other situations. “A problem shared is a problem halved” with help everything can be accomplished.

For many, counseling is not their pill. Expressing oneself also is hard for them as they consider it to be weak or sick.

Accepting help from a professional doesn’t make you weak! This help in turn helps one grow and focus on things that help them.

‌2. Be close and sharing

Don’t be distant when someone is facing challenges. Be there to listen but don’t judge! Let them know they can always count on you.

Help them ease their burden and show them how to approach situations. Help them find peace of mind and clarity.

Lightening their moods and showing them challenges are part of life. Be a source of positive vibes and peace.

3. Hanging out with others

Getting in touch with many exposes one to great things. You find new ways of solving issues and transforming your life.

It becomes easy to solve issues, connect, share and experience great things and keep your mind occupied and free from problems.

 It comes along and strengthens bonds and helps one get along with people. Helps you clear negativity and ensures happy living.

4. Provide a good living environment

Be present in their lives and give them love without measure. Be ready to listen and advise when they have issues.

Listen but don’t judge, be supportive and lead them. Ensure that you know what happens in their lives and be part of it.

Don’t fight them, seek to resolve any issues peacefully. Make your relationship with them open and be approachable.

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Also, give them room for them to figure out the issues. Help them make the right choices but don’t make them for them.

5. Get to know about their lives

Peer pressure has contributed to a lot of bad things happening to the youth. When you don’t care, the kids pick up on it and start acting out.

They turn rainbow for they are exploring and finding out how it feels. For them, it’s not an issue and without your guide, they get lost.

Get to know about their friends and people they hang out with, and the content they consume, and this will help prevent bad influence.

Wrap up,

Everyone has a right to forge their paths, sadly for some their paths are forged for them. The aspect of rainbow-colored people often is influenced.

Without a guide, everyone falls into traps and challenges too have made it hard. This norm has been accepted by many and has become part of our lives.

 Lacking knowledge and skills to deal with challenges often make it hard to grow. Self-discovery needs a guide, support, and affection.

Be on the lookout for your children, be the guide and support them as they forge their paths.

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