Has Your Partner Lost Interest Or Are You Overthinking?


Are you in a relationship but not sure about your partner? Relationships can be compared to oceans whose flow changes over time.

According to research, adults have 4 – 6 erotic partners which translate to the loss of interest and thus ending some relationships. 

If you notice your partner is losing interest in your relationship, it is advisable to talk about it and move onward. In the early days of a relationship, it’s thrilling, and getting to know each other.

 It’s okay for a couple that had settled together for a couple of years to lose interest in each other and break up.

At times one cab is in love with someone and no longer feels a glimmer. It is scary to withdraw from a relationship that you have invested in.

11 Signs that your partner has lost interest in you or you are overthinking it;

1. Feeling lonely around them

Always watch out and beware when you feel lonely around your partner. This signifies a loss of connection. Lack of connection comes from a lack of interest in fully connecting with your partner.

Before relationships begin one has to have a connection, interest, and care towards your partner. Once you lose all these you have drifted away. Find that made you fall for them, explore more than what you see physically.

2. Lack of words to converse

Every relationship has to experience dull moments. Once you experience trouble conversing about an important topic, take it as a sign that everything is not ok.

It does not necessarily mean that you have nothing in common. It means you are losing interest and no longer have the urge to dig up fascinating topics and conversations from your partner.

Without conversation a relationship is dead. Always share with your partner about everything no matter how insignificant it is. 

3. Having secret texts

There is a strong urge to slide into someone elses’ dm is always a form of emotional infidelity. This often leads to fading away of interest.

Well, beautiful women and gents will always be there. There will always be a better person than your partner. What matters is what you settled for in your partner.

4. Thinking or talking about their exes

Contrasting your partner to your ex, and wishing to get back to your ex means you haven’t moved on. Going out on fun dates and having deep conversations mends a lot of things. 

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All people are different and comparing them doesn’t help. The best thing to do is appreciate your partner and help them better themselves and you too.

The small things make a difference in your relationship. You should invest in a relationship as a couple and make it the best.    

5. Spending time on their phone while at home

It is not substandard to be on your phone during hangouts with your partner. Nevertheless, this should not be a reason to avoid talking to your partner.

Silence is always awkward. This can signify that your relationship is not as fascinating as your cell phone. Continue use of phones is addictive and can ruin a good vibe.

It’s best to monitor the usage of the phones. Always have time for your partner; show them that they matter to you.

6. Zero calls and texts

This might be a sign of loss of interest from your partner. It can also signify they are busy. If they stop calling or texting it is a sign that the newness of the relationship has worn out.

But again a call or a text to check on them doesn’t take time. No matter how one is busy they still should have time to check-in.

7. Forced conversation

When the mood and energy don’t match something is up. But it could also mean various things particularly when arguments and tough times have been witnessed.

When all these feels forced take a break. Go out on a walk then later come solve the issues that are affecting your relationship.

8. The label of the relationship

Everyone has a take on their relationship, thus not everyone has the desire to put a label in their relationship.

But lack of commitment in a relationship indicates a loss of interest in a person. It is a sign of danger leading to awkwardness.

Before you commit to a relationship make sure you say what you want. State clearly if it’s a relationship or just friendship.

9. Not prioritizing your partner

In a relationship, one is entitled to feel like a priority in their partner’s life. This always signifies that the partners are sailing on the same boat.

Someone who makes you a priority will show interest in your happiness. This is because your happiness gives them happiness.

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Know more about your partner and what makes them happy. Make them feel appreciated and loved by prioritizing them.

10. Lack of support from your partner:

A loving partner always offers support. Giving your partner support can sometimes be difficult and time-devouring.

A person who is no longer interested in you may not place an effort to give you support. Not everyone can uniquely offer all types of support, but they ought to be willing to learn.

Your partner doesn’t have to do things by themselves. Help them out and be there when they need you.

11. No future talks:

It is always good to hub on the present especially in the early stages of a relationship. However, a few red flags may start to arise if your partner does not talk about the future.

Conversations like having vacations whether or not to bear children at a certain time. Most people live for the moment and do not make plans for the future. 

Planning a future with your partner shows they are interested in making a future with you. Doesn’t have to be long-term plans even a monthly plan can mean a lot.

7 Things to do to prevent the above signs

1. Always be clear of your desire:

Let your partner know that you love to do texts and calls throughout. This brings more connection to the couple.

Let them be aware that it could mean a great deal to you if they started the conversation instead of leaving you the responsibility of doing so every time.

State what makes you feel comfortable and what doesn’t. It’s after being open about it that your partner will know.

2. Have an open and candid conversation:

Especially when you do not feel like you are important. Talk to your partner about your needs; don’t expect them to know.

In case your partner does not acknowledge your need after being well expressed, then it is time to re-assess or end the relationship.

Share more and always with clarity. Don’t be afraid of your partner.

3. Understand your partner:

When victimization sets in a relationship, it is hard to maintain a positive attitude. It also becomes hard to beware of our actions.

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Always keep an open mind and look back at what you might have missed about your partner. Listen, trust and understand them; don’t judge.

4.Trust each other:

Despite several occurrences of issues in a relationship, your partner should be at ease when having a conversation with you.

This should be the case if the issue concerns you. It is good to remind your partner how easy it is to have conversations with each other about the problems in the relationship currently.

Having a listening ear and trusting your partner; strengthens the relationship. 

5. Be calm and avoid confrontations:

When hurt we tend to express our feelings by crying, yelling, or letting out our anger. There are many ways of expressing our feelings rather than being aggressive.

Listen to your partner, learn how best to solve issues. Understand their body language and figure out when best to approach some issues.

6. Focus on yourself:

If you are having doubts about whether your partner is attracted to you or not, it would be better to focus on yourself instead.

If your partner has lost interest in you, it would be advisable to focus on bettering yourself. Focusing on yourself prevents a lot of pain.

When you focus on yourself, building yourself is easy. It also gives one time to heal and have clarity of things.

7. Be realistic

Stop having high expectations when you don’t put effort. Table your expectations by sharing them with your partner.

Let them know what makes you happy. Be open to sharing and have realistic plans. Ask but don’t assume, give without expectations.

Wrapping up;

A relationship is a two-way road; everyone should participate in flourishing the relationship. Solve issues together.

 If things get out of hand it would be advisable to leave the relationship for your mental health. Take a break and better yourself before getting into a relationship again.

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