Open Relationships: What You Should Know

Open relationship

These days people have become open to everything. People are staying in relationships with more than one partner. Laws have changed and a woman is marrying two men.

They set rules and they live together as men and wife! Crazy times we are at, nothing is impossible these days…

Well, an open relationship comes down to trust and understanding. Both parties must agree and have terms for their relationship.

What is meant by an open relationship? 

Firstly, it is important to note that an open relationship does not mean a couple will have sex and engage in sexual activities with others on a regular basis. 

Open relationship.

It is important to understand what defines the difference between monogamous relationships and non-monogamous ones.

It’s simply the freedom of both partners to openly pursue sexual relations with other people. There is however no risk of breakup due to jealousy or having a partner begrudge them for doing so.

Indeed, if one were to look at some famous examples from popular culture, they would notice that even when one’s partner has been unfaithful – they still continued with their relationship.

Perhaps infidelity was committed more out of lust rather than love or perhaps because there was no longer any resentment after cheating. 

What’s the point of an open relationship?

Well, love is complicated and at times we need a break from each other. We’re all different and like to be involved with people who suit our personality and add something valuable to our life.

Well, sometimes it doesn’t work out and we may find ourselves in one or more of the following relationships:

•          Committed couple;

•          Open relationship;

•          Polyamory/ foursome;

•          Single but dating/ sleeping around a lot. 

We have no guarantee that he’ll want us once he gets what he wants (sex!) from us. There are also health issues like STDs and many others.

Open relationships may work if only the two of you decide on the rules. But then there is this issue of having feelings…

Are open relationships bad?

Well, so long as you and your partner have an understanding and honesty, and take safety measures you are safe.

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In fact, it is said that people in open relationships tend to be happier because they can get sex on demand.

But there are some who have been hurt by their significant other(s) going behind their back with outside partners.

It all depends on the two of you as a couple. Also, learn to talk about it, it should be a one-way thing; both must agree to it.

What are the rules for an open relationship?

Every relationship has different rules but for an open relationship, both of you must have an agreement. It can’t work when it’s one-sided.

The rules are simple:

  • Honesty is very crucial.
  • Talking about it too is essential.
  • Protection is key

Relationships are meant to bring people together. Well, at times also we need a break from all things that come up. Well, having another partner that listens and always gets your back is amazing.

an open relationship

Pros of an open relationship:

  • Variety- get to interact, sample, and enjoy yourself with different people.
  • Improved communication- one is able to learn how to voice their opinions and share with different partners.

Cons of an open relationship:

  • Jealousy- at times your partner may get attached to someone else.
  • Diseases- when safety measures are not taken all can become sick.
  • When things get tough many may break up.

There are different types of relationships but each has to have a foundation. Both partners must agree on what best suits their relationship.

Every day people are dealing with issues; it’s up to you to choose your poison and drink😂 Nothing comes easy so go out there and start feeling.

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