Love… Is this love?

Love… Is this love?

So many questions are revolving around love… Love can’t be simply explained by words, I mean they are not enough.

It’s something best felt.  Some things are hard to explain and are better left for experiencing rather than talking about them.

However, there are doubts and rumors around love. We are into this fantasy world where everything we read and hear becomes us.

Love is selfless; so if you doing something but feel like it’s too much then rethink your options. It’s not about favors or do this for me because I did that for you.

We are making mistakes in living the lives of others. We want to experience romance in novels and soap operas…

People are different and also there are many ways of expressing love. Don’t just be doing things you see others do. Know your partner well.

Here are some doubts…

Is love proven by sex?

Love can’t be proven through sex. It’s not about conditions; if you love me, you should do this for me!

That’s a mistake and that’s not true love. It’s pure manipulation and once one gets what they want they just leave.

Sex is something you give when you are ready. It’s not about being pressured to do it until you give into it.

Sex does help partners connect more but doesn’t have to be the only thing in that relationship. Find someone who adds value in you, someone who is proud of you…

Someone can have sex with you and still not love you. Sometimes we fall prey to emotional manipulation.

Don’t be a victim of manipulation. You have a right to say no, and wait until you are ready. Don’t be pressured!

Is falling in love a sign of weakness?

NO! as a matter of fact, you become stronger. You feel confident enough and you are always ready to take on challenges.

One also develops other strong emotions that help them cope. Being in love is the best thing that can happen to you.

However, you need the right person by your side. Not everyone can make you stronger some will bring negative energy.

You don’t need negativity in life. Build healthy relations with those close to you and never allow anyone to bring negativity.

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Should you hide things from one you love to protect them?

This is a mistake, it burdens you. You are also not able to be at peace, you will always be worried and doubtful.

Hiding things will do you harm. You are never sure when and how your partner will find out. It’s best to come clean and talk about it honestly.

Coming clean will help you lift up the burden, you also get to control the narrative. After all, it’s your partner they will understand.

To love someone is to fear to lose them?

Wow! This has been heard most times… “oh if you love me you should be afraid to lose me…” Love is not a condition!

Love is free! There shouldn’t be conditions, it’s not a business. So many are confused when it comes to heart matters.

When you are afraid it means that you love too much! You invested in emotions only, that is you don’t have anything else to offer!

This is sad! When you love someone it should be because of what they offer, love them for who they are.

Money, cars come and goes but real love stays. Some are stuck in toxic relations for what they get from them.

Why sacrifice your happiness for a token? I mean it’s rather I am happy where there is no token but at the same time being healthy.

It’s the things that we do that hurt us. It’s those we settle with that change us. Don’t be in a situation ship hoping for things to get better.

Find someone who brings happiness, life, and the best in you. Build relations that strengthen and grow you.

When you love someone you let them go?

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry… Mean why would you let go of someone whom you love.

All these are conditions of emotional manipulation. And if you are keen enough you will know it’s not true love.

People have mastered the art of manipulation. They use it to get whatever they want from you and you won’t notice it.

Love has become a chess game where you are the pawn. Always sacrificing yourself for their happiness.

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Sacrifices are supposed to happen for the good of the relationship. Don’t get pressured into things that only work for your partner.

Love is not a condition or a transaction.

When you love someone you do everything for them

Wow! This got my attention. I mean why would you do something because someone asked you to do it?

Why not way the options and repercussions first? Don’t you have a say in that relationship or since they love you everything is okay?

People are getting hurt for small things to which you could have said no to. I mean you have a brain, think first before acting.

Doing something for someone you love should be selfless. You shouldn’t feel pressured since they did something for you.

I mean do go get a loan to impress your lover. Better yet, teach them a skill, help them where they are struggling.

Love isn’t about material things! Find a balance between being happy and staying wealthy.

These days there many things that make one doubt love. Love never hates, as the Bible states “Love must be sincere, hate what is evil; cling to what is good” (Romans 12:9).

There are many scriptures that describe love. And from them, we learn how mistakenly we are about love.

Love is sweet, not better. It’s the best feeling one needs and if you are in doubt look at your parent, siblings… sometimes you fight but they are there for you.

They are always ready to support you in every way. Don’t settle where there is no peace and happiness. Your health is important than the tokens you get!

Don’t fall victim to manipulation thinking it’s love. Always get to know someone better before getting into a relationship with them.

Be yourself, be happy and selfless! Don’t settle for tokens where else you are losing yourself!

Accept the love that builds you, keeps you healthy.

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