How To Be Happy In A Relationship

How To Be Happy In A Relationship

Happiness can’t be defined but best felt. At times we make mistakes of entrusting our hearts to people who end up disappointing us.

Friends too can be disappointing. You don’t need to fail to feel disappointed. At times we are also the source of our disappointments.

We entrust our greatest selves to others. We give others the keys to our happiness which in return results in broken hearts.

Happiness is internal, and shouldn’t be influenced by anyone. Many enter relationships thinking that they will find happiness.

This is where they make mistakes. If you are not happy alone no one can make you happy as much as you would yourself.

Happiness doesn’t cost you a dime. You know yourself better than anyone else, don’t give anyone keys to your happiness.

Happiness is a choice; no one can make it for you. Here are the things to make you happy in a relationship.

Loving yourself

It’s true you can’t love someone when you can’t love yourself. If you are not happy with yourself no one else will.

It must come from within you. You will then be able to express it and love others too. No one is able to fill the void unless you love yourself.

When you love yourself, there is clarity. You won’t be sad that someone doesn’t love you for who you are. You can understand why you are different.

Also, you will always be happy. No more personal judging and questioning which leads to depression. Besides, you will always know what’s best for you.

Before settling for anything less, love yourself. Learn to understand that someone else can’t be enough to make you happy.

Always talk with your partner

Communication is key in every relationship. It helps you know how your partner feels and helps you understand and know what to do better.

You can keep it simple like calling or early morning and goodnight texts. What matters is you keep checking in and know how they are doing.

People want to call, text every time; we are all busy. We don’t just stay on the phone all day, we have to work. Always find time to communicate with your partner.

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Have a time that best fits you and your partner. Be open and share experiences, help them understand what feels right for you.

Have realistic expectations

There is only one rule about this; ask, never assume, don’t expect… Don’t do something and expect they will do it for you.

A relationship isn’t favor-based. You do it because you want them to win and they win you also win. Do it out of love.

The best thing to do to avoid disappointments is talking. Tell your partner what you expect from them. Help them understand

Learn to forgive

We all make mistakes. No one is perfect, we make mistakes. Forgiveness ends burdens, helps you heal and feel okay.

Learn to speak your mind out. Get your partner to understand their mistakes, what they are not doing right. Show them how you want to be treated.

Also, always have a way of seeing things from someone’s perspective. Place yourself in their shoes first before making assumptions.


Being truthful will save you a lot. There is no need to lie to someone who loves you; be open to them.  When you are not okay with what they do, tell them.

At times we lie to protect ourselves and we end up hurting others. Lies put up a wall that later destroys your relationship.

Be honest enough and never hide your intentions from your partner. Honesty also helps you live free.

Sharing responsibilities

This is one part many misses. They get into relationships to get a helper; a maid. They never help their partners but sit and say how they haven’t done some tasks.

A healthy relationship needs the partners to work together. It’s a relationship, not a contract or employment.

Besides, when you work together, tasks are easily done. You also get to work on many other tasks fast and efficiently.

Responsibilities shouldn’t be gender-based; everyone should have a role to play. Always help your partner accomplish tasks in time.

Appreciate what you have

We always want more; we are never satisfied with what we have. We don’t always get what we want but at times we get something better.

We let go of the best things and often end up regretting them later. It’s always good to appreciate the little you have, you never know what happens next.

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Make an effort to appreciate and support your partner. Make them feel they belong, have them feel they are important to you.

Appreciation keeps one happy; helps them glow. Keep the flame burning by always appreciating and supporting them.

Have a way to resolve conflicts

It is only fools that run away from conflicts. Conflicts will always arise, but having a way to solve them is crucial.

Don’t be the shouting, unlistening partner. Nothing can be solved with shouting, calming your partner, and then talking.

Also, learn to talk about issues before they become a problem. Listen and always talk about what brings up issues.

Be yourself

Happiness comes from within; no one can make you happy if you ain’t contented. There is no need to pretend and end up hurt.

‘Don’t be living someone else’s life. Be the best version of yourself and if they don’t like it move on. Time waits for no man!

A relationship does have challenges. It’s from them that one learns how to keep healthy and strong relations.

When in a relationship you should learn how to do things together. Learn more about your partner and help them know you.

It’s a relationship, not a contract! Always find new ways of improving each other and keep being happy.

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