Friendship; How to define a Friend?


Today let’s talk about friendship. How many people can you call your friend? Are they genuine or just there to benefit?

In this post, we’ll talk about what it means to have a friend. Let’s get into it them!

So who is a friend?

Everyone has a different definition of a friend. l know you have one, but let’s major on this… A friend is…

Is a person that you are fond of, with whom you talk or spend time? A person whom one knows well and is fond of; intimate associate; close acquaintance.

Everything happens for a reason, as well as friends come into our lives for a reason hence friends are seasonal.

How do you make friends?

Making friends is easy, what becomes hard is staying friends. Some people have malicious activities and thus some friendships don’t last.

A friend is someone you can count on for anything. It’s someone who is real and doesn’t pretend or fake it.

There are many ways one can make friends. However, some just come naturally without any effort.

Such friends can be said to be seasonal. Here are seasonal types of friendships:

1. Age buddies

These kinds of friendships start as you grow with your peers. These kinds of friends tend to keep memories of you and the activities you did together.

Some end up sticking around while others cut you off. As one grows they tend to find new friends.

It’s called the way of life. And no one sticks around forever.

2. Education buddies

These kinds of friends one meets up with them at various educational levels. One tends to spend the most time with them as you are always together.


Most tend to stick around and are always ready to help out.

3. Work friends

You meet this kind at the workplace. Maybe after you start your business, or when you start your first job.

Different organizations have different ethics of conduct. In some cases, one needs strictly professional.

Having a friend at the workplace is great. I mean at least someone will always keep you updated with what is happening.

4. Life friends

These friends you mean along the journey of your life. You can meet them on the streets, at parties, on social media, and more.

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Such friends make up to be the best. They give one exposure to the other side and allow you to see things from many perspectives.


Friends have different roles they play in life; just as car manufacturers have different models, friends too have different purposes.

There are those that come and go, and others stay and help you to grow. Don’t ever be worried if you lose one, their season just ended.

Create a new one and this time make it productive. Don’t just be friends for the sake of it.

How long do friendships last?

There is no timeline to measure friendships. People can be friends for a week and do things that those who have been friends for a year haven’t.

It’s quality, not quantity. It’s about what value someone brings in your life that makes them a good friend.

Don’t overlook the value one brings in life and choose the duration. Being friends is more than the time you know each other.

Value exceeds the duration. Have friends that bring life, happiness and encourage you to be yourself.

Don’t hide in the shadows of others that pretend. A good friend minds you and is ready to support you whenever you need it.

Besides, they don’t ask for much they do it out of their free will. Friendships aren’t forced and should happen naturally.

How many friends should one have?

There is no definite number of friends one can have. However, it’s important to know their value in your life.

You can have one friend who makes the best for you or even a thousand that bring value for you.

Everyone has different criteria for selecting a friend. But once you identify the value they bring then you know whom to keep.

It’s not a competition of who can make many friends, it is all about the value you get. Make friends with those who build you.

Can you date your friend?

This is a question many ask and many people don’t want to. Yes, it’s advisable to date your friend, after all, you know each other best.

Some refrain from this because they are always worried about what will happen when they break up. Breakups are normal and soon people accept this the better the weirdness ends.

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You get hurt because you don’t get to know someone really well. I bet your friend knows you better than your lover does.

What’s the logic of being with a stranger where you can have someone who knows you best?

What should a friend do?

1. Support

A good friend should be ready to help you. It doesn’t matter the situation any help is good and coming from a friend makes it more helpful.

They should be there for you. A friend isn’t someone who is only there when you are celebrating and departs as soon as it’s over.

Friends help each other and keep clapping until their time comes. They show love and are ready to go the extra mile to ensure you make it like them.

2. Listen and advise appropriately

A friend is someone you go to when you need help. By them listening to your issues it’s one step to solving them.

If one advises you to be reckless that’s not a good friend. They should tell how best to solve an issue not bring more problems.

At times we listen to negativity all in the name of friendships. That is bad and will cost you; refrain from bad vibes.

3. Be open and honest

I don’t know why people lie to their friends. As for me, I prefer blunt truth! Why tell your friend that they look nice yet they don’t?

It’s high time we stop being hypocrites and face facts. Tell them the truth, they may hate you but will be glad you were honest with them.

Communicate openly with your friend. After all, you trust them to help you out and even keep your secrets safe.

But there are these malicious friends who trade in your secrets for friendships. I mean it’s bad, immature, and stupid.

Why go spilling beans when someone entrusted you to keep it safe. Have dignity and integrity and also have respect!


Friends mind your well-being. They check up on you and are always ready to come help and support you whenever you need it.

All these are expressed from free will. And from care is where love also comes in. If you have doubts look into what your friend has done for you!

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There are many other things a friend is supposed to do for you. However, friends are supposed to grow and bring value to you.

It’s not about the number but the value you get. Appreciate those who support and help you out.

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