What Is It Like Dating Your Best Friend

Dating Your Best Friend

Dating your best friend can be an extraordinary experience. There will always be high expectations and anxiety about destroying what you share.

If you give your all, it will work.

Why you should be dating your best friend?

1. They know your preferences

Any partner can always please by probably buying you flowers or taking you out for romantic dates. 

However, it takes some time before someone knows what makes you happy or smile. A best friend is someone who can cheer you up unexpectedly.

 However, one should be warned because friends can push each other to the wall, and thus is easy to find capsized in the argument.

2. They know all regarding your previous relationship

Sometimes it is terrifying to get into another relationship when having emotional baggage from your previous relationship.

Dating your best friend is important because they are already aware of what you are going through.

They make sure that they will not create similar mistakes committed by your exes. They take you out on more dates, make you feel secure, and avoid confrontations.

3. It strengthens your relationship

Despite being in a relationship with them, they still perceive you as a friend. Relationships tend to be worrisome but they can also be long-lasting and satisfying.

Despite being more than friends, they still bear the accolade of a best friend.

4. Low pressure on the first date

Introductory dates can turn out to be a nightmare. Usually one is not aware of what to talk about. Being in a relationship with your best friend is great because there is no pressure.

You are aware of the food they love, the cafes they like visiting and also the films they are interested in. Thus the conversation that will be held will not seem awkward.

5. You do not have to pick out between your lover and friends.

In a relationship, the biggest problem is choosing between spending time with friends or your lover. 

Dating your best friends means that you share friends, their friends become your friends and vice versa. You get to have a share of both worlds.

 Cons of dating your best friend

1. Damages your relationship

The character of a best friend is quite dissimilar to that of a lover. Maybe something that you used to be ok with when you were best friends can tend to annoy you once you start dating.

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This leads to a fight that has never occurred before.

2. Might feel awkward

After getting used to making jokes all day and making merry you will have to maneuver into a caring and sweet partner. It feels awkward at first.

Your best friend is aware of your fathomless top secrets and the antiquity of your previous relationship.

3. No openness

Once you start dating your best friend, you acquire a lover but lose a friend. It is always good to have a best friend who acts like a lover and a lover who acts like a best friend. 

However, there are some things you can not talk to him about because it could flicker some form of jealousy. This also happens to your fathomless secrets since you can no longer share with them.

4.Can turn out to be unworthy

Dating your best friend is not as easy and awesome as people think. With one being aware of their deep skeletons in the closets, their ethical and unethical side, it is important to fully put your thoughts into it.

It might not be worthwhile to risk a friendship you probably have invested in by trying to date them. If it does not work, then the friendship dies too.

5. Can lead to boredom

In a relationship, it is important to get to know your partner. You tend to visit new places, go on dates and travel together. 

When you date your best friend, all this is a cast-off because you already have experienced this with your best friend.

This can easily make one burrow because it seems like you are redoing something that you have constantly done.

6. No one to give you advice

All relationships experience a rough patch once in a while. When things are not going like they are supposed to, we tend to seek advice from our best friends. 

This changes when you start dating because it means you will be courting your adviser. The problem comes in when you need some advice. Who will you run to for help?

7. Losing each other

In life, we require friendship and being in a relationship. Friendship is always valued because there are fewer cases of ex-friends.

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Once you start dating and the relationship dies then the two of you will become exes. Chances of getting back together as friends are low. This means that the two of you will lose each other.

What to consider before dating your best friend 

1. Reason for courting them

Before dating your best friend or anyone, it is advisable to be aware of why you desire to court them. Are you really in love with them or is it because they want to date you? 

You should be sure if you want them to be your life partners and if you two will make a happy couple.

It is always advisable to be sure about courting someone before committing yourself to a relationship. Always follow your instincts.

2.If they have similar feelings

One might feel prepared to court their friend but it is important to be sure how they feel about it. Relationships should not be prejudiced.

You should always clarify things if they are unclear to you. You should be fully certain of how they feel before dating them. If you do not feel prepared to date, then it is advisable not to.

3. Solidarity of your friendship

It is important to ask yourself if your best friend who knows all your deep secrets has shared them with someone. 

If you already have had concerns with them being your friend, then your relationship will also have issues

If the relationship has a good amount of cracks then the foundation is not strong. This means it would not be advisable to date them.

4. Avoid being friends with benefits

A lot of times, friends always rush when it comes to feelings and end up being sex buddies. Sleeping with your best friend can be primrose especially if one develops feelings for the other. 

It is important not to get intimate with your best friend if things are not yet official.

5. Listen to yourself

It is advisable not to pressure yourself when in a relationship. At times people tend to be hard on themselves to please their partners and end up sacrificing a lot to keep the relationship running.

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If you do not feel comfortable with how things are going, talk about them. Remember they are your best friends and you can share things with them.

Wrapping up;

It is not beneficial to place your friendship in a rocky place. Breaking up and courting is easier but unearthing a best friend is quite dense. 

If you are in doubt about whether they are really what you have been looking for, it is important to subdue the feelings that have developed. 

Being good friends is worth it rather than endangering it for something you are unclear about.

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