Cheaters! Red Flags You Are Being Played!

Red flags to know you being played!

People have become pros and they don’t want commitments. They just want to have “fun” and that’s it.

Well, there is fun in that; you love yourself and you know many others do love you and you can always get what you want.

They don’t care about the feelings and repercussions that come with the “fun”.  For them it’s fun.

Well, that’s wrong! Previously we’ve seen some cheat from boredom, anger, and fun.

Cheating is an option and reasons don’t justify it. Well, as I always say; fuck excuses, you either want it or you don’t!

Watch out for these:

1. Secretive phone or computer use

Cheaters tend to use their phones and computers more in a secluded environment.

They tend to put passwords and encryptions on their devices. They keep their phones in Flight Mode/Silent when you together.

They are always extra cautious. Some others own two devices and also different social accounts.

Funny thing they are caring, funny, charismatic, and have a good choice of words. It’s hard to tell.

2. They don’t like publicity

Prefer going on dates from their houses, secluded areas, in their cars, or areas they know no one notices them.

Besides, they hardly take pictures. They always prefer that secrecy and don’t want to be involved in publicity.

They prey on your will to accept their demands. They like to keep it casual; they say “that’s a big deal for me”.

They have all sorts of excuses. Besides, they even don’t like meeting up with friends when they are with you.

You live in their “little secret world”. Well, it doesn’t last long eventually their world crumbles.

3. Always decide when and where to meet

They like privacy; they always want to meet at night at their place. And when it comes to leaving you to have to be out at crack of dawn.

They want to use the night where there aren’t people to prove their affection for you!😂

But because you are in love, you follow blindly. No one is too busy that they only have nighttime to meet.

A 30 minutes date during the day is more than enough. Besides, it can be as simple as taking a walk as you enjoy your favorite snacks.

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?  Which Should Come First? Love, Money, Or Education??

I don’t understand why y’all have to make a date a huge deal. 

4. Bail on plans

They tend to be busy. They don’t like being involved in activities that you two have to participate in.

Don’t mistake my words; some activities like road trips and many complex ones need planning. They aren’t done just like that.

But for simple plans like going on a walk, attending church together; few simple things raise a flag.

5. Don’t like communication

Use social media and texts to “check-up” on you. Whenever you call they don’t pick up instead they text back.

On a call, it’s easy to find out when someone is lying. When you listen you can find out more.

Chats can be copied and pasted or forwarded. However, there are good liars but if you know a person well enough they can’t lie to you.

6. Always mention how hurt they have been

They prey on your sympathy. They always say how bad they have been treated how different relationships didn’t work.

They don’t want to talk about the relationship you are in. They keep mentioning their exes and the terrible things they have done.

Seek your sympathy and want to always care about them and want to connect more.

Psychology simple things which no book or learning material will teach you. Learn to observe and reason.

7. You don’t know about them

They are private. Prefer talking about other things. How well do you know about your partner? Do you know any of their friends, sibling, or even their last name?

Whenever you bring about their lives they deflect. They don’t want you to know about them so they get freedom.
These are just but a few traits. To discover more need to be connected to your partner.

Need to understand, listen, and don’t ignore anything; most of all trust your guts, ask don’t assume, don’t expect!

Heartbroken? Here is how to move on… (Next post!)

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