#9 Things That Destroy A Relationship?

What Destroys A Relationship?

They say nothing lasts forever but doesn’t mean people aren’t meant to be together till the end of time. We are all different and unique and our own ways.

It’s what makes us interesting and relatable to others. Like in Physics; unlike poles attract each other like poles repel each other.

Relationships were meant to be between a man and a woman. But that’s not the case anymore. People have resulted in having like poles-relationships.

It is sad that the churches and the society that defended against such kind are supporting them. Huh that’s not my call to make…

Let’s figure out what destroys relationships:

1. Lies

At first it looks easy and doesn’t hurt. You see the thing with lying you will have to keep sticking to the same story which is tiring.

Some defeat lying by saying “a little lie won’t hurt…” Why lie? Are you cheating or what’s are you trying to hide?

When you lie, you have to remember exactly what you said. Eventually, you will end up being caught and the relationship will suffer.

To avoid this be honest; talk to your partner and if you are not comfortable about the topic tell them but don’t lie; be open.

2.Trust issues

For a relationship to last you need to trust your partner. Without trust it’s doomed to fail. Trust is earned and once broken it can’t be mended.

Every partner deserves someone who trusts them, ready to listen, help and support them whenever they need to be.

Well, be there for your partner and if you feel it doesn’t work out for you just be honest. 

3. Lack of communication

Communication is important. It doesn’t mean you keep calling and chatting every time; we have to work and accomplish other tasks.

Simple texts like; good morning, how are you? have a sweet day and I love you is more than enough. Later you can call them.

It’s the simple texts that matter. Keeping in touch helps you keep a strong bond; make sure to check on your partner and know how they are doing.

4. Broken promises

One rule about promises; don’t promise something you can’t keep. Make your word a board for all your actions. If you cannot fulfill it don’t promise.

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People want to break promises to get thrills; what you don’t know is you are destroying your relationship. Not only that but also your reputation.

No one will be able to trust your words. Don’t make promises you cannot keep. Be honest and say I’m sorry I cannot promise that.

5. Family and Friends

Yes, shock right? Family too can destroy your relationship. Your family might dislike your partner since they are judging them and also because they don’t know them well.

Friends on the other hand are bad. They go behind your back and try to ruin you to get to your partner. Not everyone is happy when you are.

This lady Achieng was exposed by her closest friends… the same case if the lady taking liquor the friends were just there recording and not doing anything about it.

Make sure you choose your friends wisely. As for family, make them see and understand why you love your partner in that way. 

6. Grudges

Holding up strong negative emotions about your partner will keep hurting you. It will destroy you inside then your relationship will suffer.

Always speak your mind; be honest with your partner. If they have made a mistake tell them, tell them when they do something you don’t like.

No one is an angel and we all make mistakes. Learn to voice up your emotions and don’t hold grudges.

7. Taking your partner for granted

This happens a lot especially when the status of your partner changes. One had a lot of money and power now since they lost that you take them for granted.

Everyone is important; it doesn’t matter the status of your partner. You chose them so why take them for granted? Besides, you were never forced to make them your partner.

Learn to respect and understand your partner. Don’t take them for granted. They have value!

8. Blame game

Some don’t accept their flaws and mistakes. Instead they project their shortcomings by blaming their partners; especially when they cannot do something.

Change is crucial; everyone should accept their partners and not blame them. Blame doesn’t solve anything, it escalates the problem.

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Don’t blame; find solutions and solve your issues.

9. Not making time for each other

Making time means being there for your partner whenever they need you. It also means trusting them and doing right by them.

Everyone needs love and support to keep a healthy relationship. Relationships are meant to keep people together and happy.

Always be open and learn to solve issues within yourselves. Besides y’all know each other better than anyone else does.

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