8 Reasons Why Relationships Don’t Last These Days.

Relationship issues

These days, people in relationships are more likely to break up or divorce soon after getting married.

People don’t want to commit. They also don’t have what it takes to make a relationship succeed.

Reasons why relationships don’t last:

 1. Differences 

They result in fights and arguments. It takes a lot of effort and energy to overcome these conflicts.

They lead to arguments and misunderstandings for the people involved. If one party is not willing to compromise, the relationship ends.

Making compromises is important to solve problems in the relationship. It could be a matter of dealing with finances or planning for the future together.

People have different values and what they feel is important in spite of the fact that they are in a relationship.

When people belong to different generations, it is a challenge for them to come together and have the same set of values.

They have different interests and priorities. They feel their own ways are the better ones, which is always the case in a relationship.

2. Technology

It has brought good and bad things into a relationship. A partner could be exploring different interests, which may lead to quarrels.

It is a place for disagreements and arguments because people are very much exposed to the rest of the world.

It has made a couple dependent on each other and not be open to what is happening in society. They decide that their lives are better off without being exposed to different issues and problems of the world.

3. Lack of communication

It provides room for people to hide things. This could lead them to problems and issues later in life.

If you’re not sure what type of person your partner is looking for (if any), then consider asking him or her about their wants and needs. 

Communicating effectively will help ensure that both parties feel heard and understood. It also helps the two people in the relationship to be more united.

You should know your partner’s wants and needs. It is important that you communicate well with them.

Both of you need to feel it’s working for both of you. Communication can help clear up issues in a relationship.

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Communication also helps people understand each other better, especially when it comes to resolving issues. The more you communicate with your partner, the better understanding you will have of each other’s wants and needs in a relationship. 

4. Cheating has become a common norm 

These days it’s easy thanks to technology. When people fail to get something they want, they are always quick to look for it elsewhere.

They do not use their energy and time in the right way to make a relationship work rather they continue stirring up trouble.

People have many expectations that may not be fulfilled by their partners. They try other ways of getting them instead of communicating with each other. 

When partners don’t pay attention to each other, things might not work. It is an action that violates trust in a relationship which is essential for maintaining any kind of relationship between two people.

5. Lack of understanding

This could be the main reason why relationships don’t last. Partners have different views and they do not think from the same perspective.

They could continue to see things in a certain way, especially when it comes to their expectations. This results in disagreements that may lead to arguments, which are hard to solve.

A relationship can only survive if partners learn how to understand each other’s perspectives, goals, and desires. If you want your relationship to work out, then trust is very essential for it. 

People make decisions without trying to make sure they are right for each other, leading them into serious problems later on. 

A person’s feelings towards his or her partner determine whether they want the relationship to continue or not.”

The world has changed and there are things that were not available in the past. When partners do not understand one another, they can end up falling apart.

6. Hypocrisy

It’s a major reason why people don’t understand each other. This is especially with partners who are not really interested in the relationship. 

You cannot force someone to change something he or she does not want to do. Understanding one another helps you trust and accept your partner.

It’s also better if you can be open about what your partner expects from you, making it easier for both of you to have a peaceful life.”

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Hypocrisy is a cause of many issues in relationships. It always occurs when people do what they say they aren’t going to do, or don’t keep their promises.

7. Revenge

Some people never give up to avenge themselves. This could lead them to seek things and people outside the relationship which may break it apart. 

Revenge comes from anger, hatred, and pride making you do things that can hurt your partner deeply. When you do these things, you have less trust for one another which is essential in any relationship.

8. Influence from others

We make mistakes when we trust the wrong people. People influence us in a way that they want to see us change our ways. This makes you question if the person you’re with is right for you or not. 

The best thing to do when this happens is to know what your partner expects from you and be yourself. 

Friends can influence your partner’s decision-making in a relationship. Sometimes, people do not understand each other. This can make them think that they were right in breaking up.”

Everyone makes mistakes but it’s how you handle them that matters most. There are ways to fix things when misunderstandings occur in a relationship. 

Best ways to strengthen your relationship

1. Communicate Effectively

Communication is key to understanding one another. If you wish to strengthen your relationship, work on communicating effectively.

Be open to each other and give mutual respect. Communicate what you think, feel and desire. You should speak your mind without being judgmental or criticizing the other person.

Agree on a common ground rule before speaking about an issue; get into the habit of asking for clarification when needed instead of assuming anything. This will help you avoid unnecessary arguments!

2. Instill Trust

Trust is vital in any relationship. It creates a sense of security and stability that cannot be created without it. When each partner trusts the other, they can freely share ideas and opinions with each other without fear of judgment or retaliation. 

With trust too, each partner can be honest and open about their feelings because they know that the other person respects them deeply.

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Be considerate of each other’s needs. Respect your differences, but find a middle ground in order to accommodate both parties’ interests.

3. Play Together

Work on building fun activities together. Create quality time for yourselves where you can confide in each other and have fun.

Create a bond that has been missing since the beginning of your relationship. Remember, couples who play together stay together!

Sometimes, you both might be stressed out from work and household chores. Use this time to relax and rejuvenate yourselves.

You can do this by going on a vacation, or simply just staying in one night and watching a romantic comedy movie.

4. Forgiveness

It’s really important to forgive your partner when they make a mistake. You can’t build a successful relationship with someone who doesn’t respect you or appreciate your opinions.

Overlooking each other’s mistakes and allowing them to learn from their own experience is vital in strengthening your relationship. 

But, there are times where criticism is necessary for the individual’s growth. Find the balance between love and discipline.

No one is perfect, and there are times where you want to take your frustration out on each other. Try not to hurt the other person, but rather talk about it in a nice manner so that you can resolve the issue together.

Try not to make promises you know you cannot keep. Let’s keep each other happy and build strong bonds.

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