5 Best Rules To Dating A Workmate

Dating a workmate

Well, love is unexplainable and can be found in all unexplainable placesAn office can be the start of a long relationship. 

People meet their partners from all places. It’s not a wonder to meet your lover from the office. But office romance comes with challenges.

It’s funny how people shun online dating and choose to crush on their workmates. For this relationship to grow it needs rules:

1. Know office policies

Be informed on how the office takes relationships. This will help you know whether to proceed or not.

Once you break the rules start looking for another place to work. Remember as much as you are discrete it won’t stay a secret forever.

Make sure you don’t make others uncomfortable. Follow the rules of the office.

2. Discretion 

You don’t have to flaunt your love to everyone. At no time should you be misbehaving in the office while trying to prove your love.

That is wrong and might lead to suspension or dismissal in the office. At times you might embarrass yourself trying to show your skills.

Discretion keeps a healthy working relationship. Discretion also doesn’t mean you lie; you might end up being a talk of the office.

Meet your partner, sit down, and lay some ground rules. Make sure you are comfortable with when and where you should your affection.

3. Have a plan

Since y’all are in the same workplace it’s difficult to avoid each other. Have an exit plan in case things don’t work out between you two.

Make sure both of you are on the same page. It’s a risk you two are taking. Plan whether you will be arriving at the same time or even taking lunch breaks together.

These small deeds are what matters. They also can cause a huge problem if not handled properly.

Make sure you plan for events like when one loses a job or transferred. Have a plan in hand before anything happens.

4. Prioritize the job

In all your lovey-dovey affair make sure your feelings don’t cloud your judgment. This is the worst mistake you can make.

Once you break this, you will find yourself finding another place to work. It may be difficult to keep ordering your partner around, reporting to them, or following upon them.

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As so, if you feel uncomfortable ask for reassigning or even a transfer. You may not know when either of you gets promoted and becomes the boss of the other.

Make sure you keep working as required. Don’t break the rules to accommodate love; business and pleasure don’t go too well.

5. Don’t just commit

Having a lover close to you and working with you is great but it’s also a career suicide. This is because at times things might not work out and it becomes weird.

Also, one can affect other workmates when they choose to show their affection. At times emotions can cloud your decisions.

To be safe make sure to have a plan. A way to help you deal with the relations and pressure that comes in the workplace.

Office romance can be difficult; before you commit make sure it’s what you want and have plans in case it doesn’t work out.

Know what you want and get your partner in line with you.

Well, it’s up to you to make the right decision. Don’t just date because it’s convenient, commit when you are ready to make it work.

Keep it professional and give work the priority it needs. Everything works out if you stick to following the rules.

I wouldn’t advise it, but well if you two decide it’s best for you go ahead. But remember to have a plan.

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